I grew up watching lots of Bollywood and Hollywood movies, their love stories are so magical. These movies gave me a perfect impression about love. In my early teen years, I just longed to be in this perfect romance scenario these movies portrayed. Love is a beautiful thing and I wanted to be a part of this beautiful thing.

Today, I am in my late twenties and trust me when I say I wish I never fell in love, maybe I should just have walked into it. It was just a trap and I was deceived by the movies I watched. I wonder why I chose falling in love, walking into love was always the best option. When you fall, you get hurt but you don’t get hurt by walking except maybe you kick a stone but why would you kick a stone in the first place? Who ever said falling in love is great should be checked. How is ‘falling’ a good thing? Ah ah.

Have you ever wondered the kind of words that go with love? Love is blind; burning passion; pain is love; fall in love; aching desire and a whole lot of them. No one loves pain so I wonder why I would want to love. I don’t want to be blind (though I have before), so why should I love? Anything that aches is not good for me so forget love please.

When we fall in front of someone, we are at their mercy. They could step on us, kick us, walk past us or maybe just lift us up. So when we fall in love, we are at our lover’s mercy. No, I don’t want to be in that situation, not today, not anymore.

Don’t think I haven’t fallen in love before, I have and I regret it. Yes I do. Walking into love suits me because I use my head not my heart. Our heart don’t act right when it comes to emotional matters, our head is always the best. Our heart is always at the mercy of our partner. Our head thinks well because it houses the brain and our heart have got no brain so why fall love and think with the heart?

Now let me tell you the story of the greatest love I experienced. She was so cute (my miss world), her body so hot that I got burnt whenever I was close to her and her ass reminds me of Kim (that annoying girl friend of Kanye West). Please all the Kim fans should forgive me, your model is hot but I just don’t like her. So back to my annoying story, she had everything I needed in a woman, I mean everything. It was only a matter of time before I popped out the golden question (will you marry me?). Everything was magical with her or maybe it seemed (you know that love thing makes you see things differently) and it all ended after a phone call. So sad but please, don’t feel sorry for me because I should never have loved in the first place.

She switched lanes like a Ferrari car and I parked like a broken old model of the Volkswagen Beetle. The difference between the both of us was I fell in love but she walked into it. So when it ended, it was so easy for her to move on while I felt like I was hit by a Mack truck. I wouldn’t do anything afterwards; I acted so stupid you know. The reality of life dawned on me, I realised love should be walked into and not fallen into.

They say behind every successful man is a woman, how about behind every broken-hearted man? So like a two-edged sword, these women can make us big or leave us heart-broken. I remember those nights I drove to her abode to see if I could make things work, yeah I loved her that much. If love is beautiful, I would have been married to her now but it isn’t so I am here writing this story. Like Neo would say, Onion rings make you cry. She thinks like me, maybe I should propose to her, what do you think?

Today, I am walking in love and I am enjoying every bit of it. Don’t tell me anything about falling in love anymore; I don’t want to hear that. Yeah I met a great lady but the difference this time is I am walking into it. Yeah, she is my new miss world, got everything I could hope for but I am not gonna be blinded by her features this time. I am not gonna be blinded by love, hell no. I won’t be deceived anymore by the romance movies from Hollywood and Bollywood. Its official, falling in love doesn’t exist in my world, I walk into it. Fall in love? Don’t tell me nonsense.



  1. you just hit the spot man!!

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