We just met and I like him, does he like me too? Would I look like a slut if I kiss him on just our first date? Does he want to kiss me too? I wish I could cuddle up in his arms for a minute. You wouldn’t believe that these are sometimes the thoughts of a girl when she meets a guy she really likes and is confused on what action to take next.

There are a thousand and one reasons not to kiss a guy on the first date. Let me share some with you but first let me give you four questions you should ask yourself before kissing a guy on the first date.

1. Am I ready for what comes after the first kiss?

2.  Would I look so cheap after the kiss?

3. Would the kiss mean anything to him?

4. How many other people would he be kissing?

The last question is really the most important and there are some facts you should know about the first kiss on a first date:

1. He would most definitely tell his friends.

2. He would want more than a kiss the next time.

3. If he likes you, he would surely wait for a later date.

4. It would show you are overly into him (and that could sometimes pass the wrong message).

Now back to the matter of why it’s wrong to kiss on the first date; below are some reasons.

  • It kills the suspense (why not wait a little longer; build some suspense, make him anticipate kissing you, let the passion rise).
  • Kissing on the first date is just another way of pressing the fast forward button. Brings me to the question; who would want to watch a movie on fast forward? Come on, you would miss the whole action.
  • You are definitely sending the wrong message and the wrong signals. Unless the guy is so into you then you have lost the battle before it even starts. More often than not, it passes the wrong message.
  • You are surely gonna have him in your head all night long. Most definitely.

Kissing him on the first date means a lot of things to different people. But one fact you should know is that the first kiss would go a long way in determining if you become his main chic or his side chic; depending on how you play your cards.

Another thing you should really know is that he wants that kiss, even more than you do. But my take on this is; don’t kiss him, don’t be in a hurry, make him want you, take a little control of the situation, chuckle within you, have a little laugh within you when you notice his moves, have fun while it lasts. Hold on! Hold on! Hold on! I almost forgot that I’m a guy and this affects me too… please always kiss us ladies, even on the first date. *smiling*