Elcrema.com is an online lifestyle Magazine designed to bring you quality information while entertaining you. In face of the growing number of lifestyle magazines around the globe, El Crema comes with pin-point accuracy, and reliability in its information delivery. At El Crema, it’s not just about being entertaining but being educative as well, hence our interest in solving relationship problems among youths around the world. We strongly believe that the world would be a better place if we have better relationships; it all starts with one relationship.

And with a seasoned and vast Editorial Team, elcrema.com is positioned to be a leading Brand in the media industry.

With our versatile content which ranges from dating and relationships, finance, beauty, style & fashion to health, our audiences span across people from all spheres of life around the globe, as we ensure there is something for everyone and anyone, though our readers are within the 18 – 35 age bracket. You can make maximum use of this added incentive to your advantage by advertising with us.

To advertise with us, please be sure to utilize our contact page. You can also give us feedback and/suggestions, using our info mail box.



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  1. Wow guys don’t u have magazines one can buy in Swaziland I like reading about you

  2. You people are so nice, your articals are really ov great help to me and i feel i can’t go without your help.Thank you very much for saving relationships.As you know a happy home is da beginning of happeness in the whole world.

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