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15 Comments on "CONTACT US"

  1. Why did u stop me reading your newslatter?

    • No one stopped you from receiving our newsletter Ngabo. Kindly check your email or possibly spam if you are not seeing our mails.

  2. Hey Elcrema it has been two weeks now without getting your new updates from you, even though I know very well that I haven’t unsubscribe. So help, I still need those posts and they have brought a in my life, please.

    • Sorry for the inconvenience. Please give us time to rectify the issue. Thanks for being a fan of Elcrema.

  3. How can somebody divorced ur wife’s if no long u don’t trust her any more. And what kind of advice u at going to give to man to maintain their marriage.

  4. Deouse Kanyanta | October 26, 2017 at 7:58 pm | Reply

    your herbs are very helpful how can I contact you

  5. I think Elcrema is doing so well by all the guidiance. Am enjoying your efforts. But one thing i would like to read is discusing about your EX in a new relationship. How bad is that?

  6. Yinka Oladepo | March 9, 2018 at 7:34 am | Reply

    I’ve not been receiving your newsletter in recent times. Why?

  7. Mostly like healthy finance and love. Thoz two make happy marriage

  8. I just need u to help me with some ideas for future investment in africa(south sudan)

  9. How can i subscribe to ur newsletter

  10. Am planning for weeding, what advice can gain from this group.

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