couple in love

Women love to dream and they always have this picture of how they want their man to be. Don’t hate us for having Dream guys because guys also have dream girls. Having a dream guy is part of being a lady. So guys, if you wanna fall into the dream guy category and roll heads. These are what you need to do


The deodorants and perfumes in the supermarket are not there to just fill the shops, neither are they there for sight-seeing. These items are meant to be bought and used. No woman dreams of a man that smells like shit, *eeewwwww*. Every woman wants a man that smells good, it’s a turn on for us and we love it. So please guys, visit a good shop today and get yourselves some good DEO and PERFS, you just need to smell good.


Have you ever asked yourself why ladies love Flavour and Iyanya so much? Okay yes they are good singers and they’ve got cash (cos I know a lot of guys would say that) but it’s not just that, we love their well-toned body. I wanna lay on those six packs as I caress the body of my man. I didn’t say I won’t date a man without six packs; all I am saying is that I would prefer a man with them. So guys please visit the gym for us. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee.


You just have to look good for us guys, please na, I beg you.  I hate it when a guy that is shabbily dressed  walks up to me and say hello; like seriously am I supposed to say hi or what? Hell no, I don’t care if you the son of Bill Gates or Mike Adenuga, you shouldn’t dress that bad and walk up to a lady. Impression matters especially the first. No woman dreams of a zero man when it comes to dressing, we all dream of well-dressed guys. So guys, try to look atleast for our sake. Get clothes that look good on you and get us dreaming of you.


Yeah women love magic and that’s why we enjoy fairy-tale stories. Be a magician and we would dream of you. By being a magician I mean you should be full of surprises, we love surprises and that’s why we love Disney. Women love guys that are full of the unexpected (please the good ones and not the bad ones). Don’t do the unexpected by getting every girl pregnant, trust me I won’t dream of you.


We don’t expect you to cook all the time but every woman wants to be spoilt on bed sometimes you know. Make us breakfast, we dream of such guys. Fix a meal without our knowledge and surprise us with it. I wanna taste my man’s meal and I want it to taste so good. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, don’t try cooking for us if you can’t, we appreciate it if you don’t make us mess our stomach and the toilet. *eeewwwww*. There is nothing bad in learning to cook guys, we dream of such guys.

So apply these tips and you might just appear in our dreams. Lemme go to bed and see who I would dream of now. Love you all.