Welcome everyone to today’s segment of Elcrema Sunday Love Special; we have another highly interesting topic to discuss yet again.

Today’s topic is: would you attend your ex-love’s wedding and be happy?

By ex-love, we don’t mean that ex that you didn’t feel much for, but the one you were truly in love with and wished you never lost — yea, that kind of ex.

Would you attend the wedding? Would you be happy? Would you moan and groan? Would you wish your ex well or would you just wish you were the one saying ‘I do’ to that man or woman?

Drama and Shawn would share how they feel on this one.


Well, to be honest, I think that depends on a few factors. First of all, how did our relationship end? Did it end with a mutual agreement or was it against my wish? Secondly, am I happily married as at the time of her wedding or is the opposite the case? Thirdly, who is she marrying? The answers to those questions will go a long way in determining whether or not I’ll attend my ex love’s wedding and be happy while at it.

Now, let’s discuss these questions. For the first question, you’d agree with me that the manner in which you end a relationship with someone to a great extent determines what you feel for them afterwards. You can remain friends with a woman who ends her relationship with you for genuine reasons – especially if you’re to blame for the break up, but there’s no way you can honestly stay friends with someone who practically dumped you for another person…I know I wouldn’t. So if someone like that were to have a wedding, and invited me, there’s no way I’d attend the wedding. Even if I somehow manage to go there, I wouldn’t do it happily.

Secondly, am I happily married as at the time of her wedding? Even if I loved her so much, and she ended up breaking my heart in the past because I have found happiness in another woman, I can attend my ex love’s wedding with all joy and happiness. But if the situation were the reverse; say for instance, I’m married, but to the wrong woman, or I’m not even married at the time, I doubt I’d be happy for her marriage, talk less of being there at the wedding venue. The reason is because I’d still be wallowing in regret of what should have been (or what I could have had) had we not broken up before now. I’d be sad at what I lost, and the thought of seeing someone else with her.

Thirdly, the question of who she’s wedding also plays a big part for me. If she left me to marry some stranger, I’d be sad, but not half as mad and disappointed as I’d be if the person she dumped me for turns out to be someone very close to me…like a very good friend. There’s no way on earth I’d attend that wedding, talk less of attending it with happiness.

So for me, those 3 questions are very important. Their answers are what will determine whether or not I’d happily be at my ex-love’s wedding.

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  1. I really like this site but I can’t read next pages of such an interesting topics …how u enable to read next pages in my iphone

  2. Hmm I think I would attend my ex’s wedding I mean his just an ex afterall

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