I won’t try to claim to be a good guy here and do something that I can’t do; so I’m sorry, I wouldn’t wash my lady’s pant or any of her underwear; come on!

Most men would frown at it for reasons they can’t explain but I would share some of the reasons why men don’t like the idea of pant washing. First, men aren’t built that way, men are more interested in more challenging physical activities than that of doing chores at home talk more of washing a lady’s underwear. Men aren’t built that way; same way a man would frown at changing a baby’s diaper is the same way he would frown at washing a woman’s pant.

Secondly, it doesn’t go down well in general human theory. Same ladies that would want a man to wash her underwear is the same lady that would chuckle whenever they see a man washing another woman’s underwear; society isn’t built that way and I won’t be the one to change it.

Finally, I don’t think any man would wash a lady’s underwear than a lady herself. She knows the underwear better, she knows how to keep it clean; men don’t; a lady’s undies require different washing technique to wash it when compared to a man’s underwear; so what’s the point doing something you won’t do well.

I’m sorry ladies; I don’t see it as romantic.

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