To be honest, I don’t see anything wrong in washing a lady’s underwear, as far as she’s your lady and you are both in a relationship. What’s the big deal in it? After all most men live, eat and even sleep in there, so frowning at the washing part is plain hypocrisy.

Now I have a question to the men; if your pregnant wife just gave birth and you don’t have a maid or anyone to help with the laundry, would you frown and fold your arms while the woman you claim to love wears dirty and overused underwear? What if she is so sick and needs to do her laundry and there is no one to help?

It’s funny how a lady would wash her man’s cloths and undies and it would be deemed romantic while a reverse of the same tape would be called creepy; I don’t know if to term this act as hypocrisy or being over-domineering.

If there is one person you shouldn’t be shy of it is the lady you call your ‘baby’, ‘sweetie’, ‘honey’ and the rest; if you love someone then there should be no hypocrisy in it, you shouldn’t be ashamed to help out. She is your lady and yours alone. So I’m sorry to disappoint y’all fellas, I see it as romantic, as far as it isn’t done to despise the man or it isn’t done out of laziness; the only thing wrong in this act is just the biased mindset people carry.

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