This is a highly controversial topic, one that is very important but most people shy away from. What is your take on sex before marriage? Is it one to avoid or something we just can’t do without.

Forgive my bad manners, I didn’t even introduce this column; this is Elcrema’s ‘Love special’ and this is our very first topic; we would be bringing hot, debatable but highly interesting topics on love and relationship. Love special would be up only on Sundays, you can call it our Sunday Love special. Feel free to join in our debates; your opinion just might be saving someone’s relationship.

I’m Shawn and I’m doing this debate with Neo (I’m sure you know her by now, that’s if you are a regular Elcrema magazine reader). Like most people, she feels sex before marriage is wrong and for some funny reasons I don’t agree with her. Well, this is her take on the matter.


This has never been a good thing from time immemorial. Sex before marriage is the ‘abnormal’ that have taken over the normal way of doing things. ‘Sex’ the way God intended it is not adhered by men and women in our societies; this is the case of ‘wolf in sheep’ clothing’. I earnestly stand against it. I remember when I was in my semi-late teens and wasn’t well informed about ‘sex’ I went ahead and made the biggest mistakes of my life and wished I had known better not to indulge in it. I usually blame parents for dodging that very serious part of life from their sons and daughters before they get out of hand. A mother especially should educate (Sex education) her children more on the dangers and risks one might face- teenage pregnancy, STDs, HIV and AIDS, etc.

I usually hear some guys say they ‘must taste first’ before anything concerning settling down. They just keep tasting different girls until they taste poison to their bodies. When they become over-sexed, they begin to have infertility issues, low sperm count, and they blame it on whomever.

The ladies are not left out. They go ahead to have sex with several guys, forgetting that they are like receptors and anything can just build up inside and cause great damage to their womb and fallopian tubes.

My point here is, if anyone can wait until they are ready to marry, there would be fewer problems in one’s life. If you have tasted before, stop before you fall headlong into the ditch of problems. My stand is, because God hates it, I strongly kick against sex before marriage and it is the trick of the devil to further pervert our society. Illicit sex before marriage is everywhere and enticing, but your ability to hold yourself makes you stronger and healthier person.

Well, that’s what the beautiful Miss Neo had to say about this topic and I think she’s right but there is a but…read on…click below to continue



  1. lmao! absolute rants. every human guilty of this should not hide, but the truth still remains that ‘sex before marriage’ is a SIN. We all know that there’s an innate ability for smeone to fall for the temptation, but the ability to ‘obey your father’s instruction so you don’t get into problems’ make you an envious person when it comes to this controversial matter. It is better for you to be over-sexed while in marriage than to be caught in a web of problems when you finally ‘leave your father’s house to cleave to another’. i hope i have made myself clear.

  2. this is like eating poison ivy for lunch, breakfast and dinner… you might not wake to even have the least constipation. whether neccessary evil or not. sex before marriage is not good! for you to overcome this, you have to work it out in your mind first, then apply self control. i am sure we all have mouths; use it to talk to yourself. i am enjoying every bit of abstinence, although there are temptations, but trust me, with God on my side, i conquer that thought everyday immediately it flashes as a reminder that i have been missing the pleasures. Na which kind pleasure we never see before? Abeg! move on with your life and direct your energy towards making yourself better instead of having several doses of xes.

  3. Sex before marriage, I wouldn’t go the spiritual way yet I’m spiritual. Sex is nice, actually very nice but the consequences of having it outside the confines of the institution of marriage can be very costly and it has been for many people. So I don’t think it’s necessary evil but it’s just an evil like any other evil that is tempting which we have to avoid. As Christians who has been involved before, I’ve decided to stop not because of lack of opportunities but because it brings about a feeling of loss and uncleanliness and guilt that far outweighs the pleasures of having it outside marriage. I will never take a high moral ground on this topic but i would advocate for self control and when we fall we immediately wake up so that we could be able to honour “SEX” as secrete and to be enjoyed will a lifetime partner.

  4. Dave Nnadozie | April 11, 2014 at 8:00 am |

    is not easy if i may say, sex is something we human cannot do without as long as the sexual hormone is secreted in our system, but it all boils down to self determination and self control

  5. hhmmm. its not just about having sex before marriage and knowing that it is wrong. It is the heavy guilt that follows the pleasure

  6. I can see people talking about self control we y’all that.. But courtin’ someone and surviving till marriage minus the cookie one hard thing to do just bring realistic……..

  7. May God help us bco is not easy at all

  8. worst sin to get involved in. it destroys u as a person. I wish I had stayed on the path I was on being a virgin but like a dummy I was fooled and now I pay

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