*I can’t watch this part. Covers eyes and ears* Anyway the story continues from where we left off.

Ugochukwu stepped out with an almost stiff north pole. I turned around and giggled like a shy little girl. He had his pair of trousers kicked to a corner.

“My royal sweetness.” he said as he found his way to the bed.

“You took too long. Why?” I asked shyly

“I had to wash all three hands.” He laughed and kissed me on the cheek again.

We started from where we left off. I felt his hand back in my shorts, but this time he took them off gently, revealing my clean shaved pubis. He bent over and kissed it, up to my belly button. I went wild with erotic frenzy. I didn’t wait for him to take off my tank top and bra; I did. His hands strolled up to my already pointy nipples, playing with them. His right hand strolled back to my pubis and then I wanted more; I let out a soft moan of pleasure. (Mr. Dickson began chasing his choicest cat). I didn’t mind; He loved it.

“Baby, I want to make love to you.” He moaned into my right ear and nibbled on its lobe. Ugochukwu never said it like this before. In fact, he never even said anything before the race. It was more of a pounce-on-prey technique, but this was definitely a shocker.

His phallus knocked hard on my three months locked door. I willingly opened it. I shivered. It felt good. He drove straight in with care; in and out. We made divisions, changed positions; sweaty. Our hearts synched. I rode him; followed the rhythm of the slow music. We were totally immersed in deep passion. Later on, the pace became a bit faster. My G-spot was excited.

“Faster! Faster!!”

“B-aby. O-h… Urrrrgh… A-aah!” He pounded faster and deeper. Soon, I lay faced down. Ugochuckwu was still inside me. I clenched my catty muscles, accepting all of him. I loved the sensation. He felt it too. We were both moaning.

“Oh honey… Ooh… Aaaaah…” My body was ready to explode. He laid on me. I turned my face upward; we locked in a deep kiss. I was jerking up and down. Our bodies were slippery with sweat. We didn’t care.

“B-a-b-yyyy… Aarrrgh… Aaaaaahhhh… I am m-m-mmmm”

“Cum…” I said softly. The warm sensation that met my g-spot threw me off-balance. I screamed with sheer excitement. I clenched my catty muscles harder. I pulled the sheets. (That feeling was an outburst. I can’t explain it) Ugochukwu’s lips still locked with mine. It was a perfect Cumning time for both of us. He relaxed. I felt fulfilled.

“I love you babe.” He said this for the first time since I knew him; I was stunned, but too relaxed to worry. He turned and adjusted himself. He pulled close and locked me with his arms. I was happy. I had a replay in my head and laughed.

“I Love you too” I wasn’t sure he heard that because he had already dozed off.

The rain drizzled this time. The room was cool, and I just lay in his arms and dozed off listening to Jill Scott’s Cross My Mind.

PS: Forgive my descriptive pattern to this story… Hehehee. It wasn’t intentional. I hope you enjoyed it all the same.


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