I gave him a serious look while he was busy with his android phone. He looked up, and blew me a kiss. I just watched him. I did not return the favor.

“Come on babe. Don’t be too rigid.”

“Who is being rigid here?” I did not smile. I let out a long hiss. I was about to leave where I sat when almighty PHCN brought back electricity. I was so excited, but didn’t show it. I turned on the lights to shed off the darkness that almost enveloped us, and headed straight for the TV set; I turned it on, as well as the DVD player (a very good distraction. I missed Jahiem). I could feel Ugochukwu’s gaze bore a deep hole right through me. He always told me how he loved my behind, especially when I bend over to pick up something (Don’t ask me what). He left the chair and headed for the bed. I stopped searching for a seasonal movie to watch, turned around and saw him there.

“You aren’t supposed to sit on my bed. Please go back to the chair.” I ordered “This is my space. It’s not meant for two.” I scowled. I was irritated.

“I am no longer comfortable with that chair, babe.” He stretched his hand to touch me. I shrugged “You know I really don’t like it…” He tried to explain.

“So how is that my problem?” He wasn’t listening to me. “Ugochukwu. I think you have to leave now” I went straight for the door.

“Why? Why should I?” The surprise on his face made me chuckle, but I did it quietly. “I can’t go out in this rain” He began to take off his shirt, button by button, and headed for my wardrobe. He found a free hanger for it. He returned and faced me. I was before him; a midget, a Lilliputian (call it whatever). He was the first huge guy I ever dated; six foot three inches. Handsome, with dreamy eyes that looked like slits cut right through the drawing of a face on cardboard. He wasn’t the kind of guy anyone would call ‘unintelligent’. He always won someone’s heart whenever there was a serious discussion; I was proud of that, but…

Anyway, we began to argue, as usual; going back and forth about alcohol, the inappropriate sex positions, women and all his fake friends pushing him on a cart straightaway to hell. I was furious at him; he countered every word that came forth out from my mouth. I stepped away from him at every point, but he followed closely. His very words “Baby, I still want you” drove me to a corner; for seconds, and I reminisced on sweet memories by-and-by.

“Baby, are you listening to me?”

I quickly snapped out of memory lane.

“Ugochukwu. Please, with all due respect, I’d really be pleased if you just take your shirt with you and leave me alone forever.” (My eyes scanned his perfect six-pack chest, down to his waistline.) Oh, how I wanted to feel them.

“How do you expect me to do that!?” His voice was a bit loud. He realized this and spoke softly instead.
“Asa’m (an Ibo word used to praise a beautiful lady) I missed you.”

“Well, I don’t think I did miss you. Just leave! Now” I couldn’t control my faux pas annoyance

“Baby, you are one lady that had the guts to tell me exactly how she feels about me…” He kept crooning and I pretended not to listen

“Ugo. You just have to give me that space. I really do need it now. I need to think things ov…” His lips swallowed the ‘er’ of my last sentence. He held me tightly. I felt a chill down my spine, and goose bumps all over my body. My head began to sway. I shut my eyes tightly and pretended to wiggle my way out of his firm grip. I loved the softness of his lips (How I’ve missed them). I felt my small five foot five inches body frame sulk into his strong arms. He began to caress my back softly. I moaned without minding who might be listening. (What in the world was I thinking?) He got me stuck again. I felt a deep hunger for him.

He withdrew his lips slowly from mine and kissed me again and again. My whole body tingled; I made sexy movements while he watched and kissed me on the forehead; tenderly. I was speechless. I tried to stop him with my words, but he swallowed them all. I lost myself in the sea of Ugochukwu’s wanton fondles; this drove me nuts. My temperature was rising. I knew very soon my limbs would cross continents and this long neglected love affair would be ignited by this spark of fire. I felt the pleasure, passion and the pain; all in one mix. I was angry, but not also sure why. I felt my Jericho’s wall crumbling under Ugochukwu’s loud trumpet of slurping jamboree.

“Ugo, Please stop” I tried to speak up, but my mouth was cupped with his left hand. My eyes popped. I looked him straight in those dreamy eyes. I felt hypnotized; then I felt my back suddenly on my bed. His weight was on me. I couldn’t breathe. One thing went through my mind; what if Ugo decided to act like a dog in heat, what would I do? I grimaced. My eyes twitched and I removed my left hand from under my own weight.

I excused myself and headed for my CD player, while he headed for his ‘ComraDe’ in his wallet. I selected Jill Scott to play, while his hand crept under the pillow ready for his play. He looked at me and smiled. The room was filled with pure passion; I could sense the intensity. He summoned me with his finger, and I quickly obeyed like a shy little girl.

I adjusted myself into a comfortable position; and he followed my every move. I felt his hand stroking my chest region; suddenly reached out for my twin hills. He crossed each of them with his cold tongue. He sucked on each pinnacle tenderly. I was a bit shocked and held my breath for a while. Has Ugo changed? His right hand went straight for the gate to the main building. I shivered.

“Ugo…” I spoke softly. A little tear in my eyes. “You have to wash your hands before you eat, remember?”

“Oh! I know, but I can’t do that now” I am very hungry.”

“I know, but you have to…”

He quickly ran into the bathroom. I heard the water run. The scent of my disinfectant soap filled my room. The rain was still beating roofs without mercy. I lay still on my bed and waited for his next move. I refused to concentrate on why we separated; I didn’t want to spoil the mood. Had I forgiven him? Yes! Something else struck me; Ugochukwu wasn’t reeking of cigarette and alcohol. In fact, he smelled nice. I remembered when he told me of his attempt to stop smoking and drinking. I guess he did it this time. He impressed me. The water stopped running.

Continued from on a long thing part one.

Expect next part soon.