Hello everyone, welcome to another edition of El Crema Sunday Love Special. This is the last Sunday Love Special of the year 2015, so we wish you all a happy new year in advance.

On today’s edition, we would focus on quarrelling in relationships. We know that quarrelling is a normal part of every relationship, but how frequent should quarrelling be in a relationship before you can term it as toxic?

Some people endure constant quarrels and fight in their relationships even up till marriage — and it even gets worse after that.

The question is: is it okay to continue in the relationship even if there is constant quarrelling?

Drama and Shawn would  share their opinions.


It depends on the type of quarrels a couple have, and the reasons for them. It’s very normal for problems (quarrels) to happen in a relationship because you have two people coming from two different backgrounds and with two different personalities — a personality clash is bound to happen.  Sometimes, it’ll be serious and other times, it’ll be minor, but the serious ones (the type where you cuss at each other, and end up not talking for days) shouldn’t be allowed to happen often as that could be an indication that you’re not compatible. If it’s just a minor disagreement over something, and the erring party apologizes immediately, I don’t see a problem there.

You also have to consider the factors that provoke these quarrels. If a couple fights all the time because one of them cheats every time, then, there is no way it’s okay for the other person to remain in the relationship because the cheater has proven to be incorrigible and is disrespectful to the relationship — nothing can be worked out here. If it’s provoked by less serious stuffs, like showing up late to a date for instance, no matter how often, something can be worked out to keep the couple together because it’s not exactly a relationship threatening offence (my opinion).

And you have to acknowledge that some of these quarrels have the potential to strengthen a relationship if couples learn from them every time. So, they’re not without their pros. Lol.

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