cheating man

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of our wonderful Elcrema Sunday Love Special.

Today’s topic focuses on cheating and repentance. If you cheat on your partner and you feel guilty about it and feel the need to repent of it, should you tell your partner or carry on like nothing happened?

Drama and Shawn would tell us what they feel about this.



Well, obviously, if you cheat on your partner and don’t get caught, and you’re contemplating telling on yourself, it is because you feel a lot of remorse about it, so it is a good thing to do because when you tell them yourself, their anger wouldn’t be as bad as it would if they found out themselves. Yes, they would get mad that you cheated on them even once, but when they realise that you told on yourself, they would also understand that you respect them a lot and that what happened was only a mistake.

Telling them yourself also underlines your gentlemanly (true lady-like) nature, because there are not that many people who would be willing to take a decision like that. It may seem hard at first, but it is definitely the right thing to do because you don’t know what might happen in future – the person you cheated with might even try to get back at you by exposing you to your partner, and of course, by then, the outcome would be a lot more different.

So my position is, if you mistakenly cheat, doesn’t matter if you don’t get caught, go to your partner and explain everything, and after you’re forgiven, stay faithful because it’s downright phoney for anyone to confess their sins and continue to live in sin — some do it, but it’s inappropriate and disrespectful.

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