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How can a relationship last? How can it survive the turmoil that comes with relationship? How can a relationship still be so enjoyable even after many years? These are questions that people in relationships ask and they need answers to it. In all honesty, only just the simple things that come along with love are what people need to make that relationship work.

A healthy relationship is one that can stand the test of time and still look like it’s a day old. An unhealthy relationship is the direct opposite of a healthy relationship; it doesn’t bring happiness; it is everything a healthy relationship shouldn’t be.

Maintaining a healthy relationship is simple yet complicated. Find out tips that would keep that relationship healthy below.

In order to have a healthy relationship, you ought to know the things that would make a relationship unhealthy and work against those stuffs. I bring you 5 things that can make your relationship unhealthy.

1. The first thing I’d list is ANGER.

Anger is an emotion that can kill any relationship. Anger makes the mind furious and that state can make one say things and do things you wouldn’t do normally. The emotion that comes with anger is a very blind one and one that’s not needed in your relationship. Self-control is the only weapon you can use against anger. Anger is a no-no if you want that relationship to last.

2. ME

‘Me’ is one word that can make your relationship fade off. ‘Me’ doesn’t depict anything good; it only shows selfishness, self-mindedness and greed. When you think about just you in a relationship then that relationship would forever remain sick. The guide to a good relationship is thinking about your partner and not you. If you want a healthy relationship, you have to work towards it and ‘me’ wouldn’t take you there.


If you base your relationship on another person’s own then you are in big soup; that’s a very unwise thing to do. You would never know how true a neighbour’s relationship is; whatever you see is what they want you to see. They might not be romantic indoors but what they show outside is a titanic kind of love. Work hard to build your own relationship, yours can’t be like someone else’s own. See the good in your relationship and appreciate it.


Nagging shows discontentment and that would only pull that relationship down. When you nag, it creates enmity in not just your partner’s heart but yours as well. And when there is enmity, love can never grow. Learn to show appreciation at all times no matter what. Nagging is one wicked tool that can only build hatred. It is something that you should push far away from your relationship.


Nothing beats honesty; insincerity would kill the trust in that relationship. Imagine a relationship without trust, it’s as good as dead. A relationship where both couples lie to each other is never a healthy one. When both couples lie to each other, they won’t even know when the truth is being told. An insincere relationship can never be healthy. Don’t be in a relationship and deceive yourself; be sincere in your words and your actions.

Relationships, like I’d always say should be enjoyed and not endured. It’s better to be single than endure a relationship. Make that love last.


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