It’s another Elcrema Sunday Love Special and the topic we have on ground today is one that is very controversial. Like people would say “don’t kill yourself in that relationship”; that made me title today’s topic “divorce or die in that relationship”.

Divorce really is a serious issue; for two people to be in love and get married and then decide to divorce is really something huge. So many people are against divorce; religion more especially kicks against it. But my question is should couples divorce or should they still try to maintain that relationship?

I’m handling today’s Sunday Special with S.O.Z; I don’t have much to say on the matter but I think S.O.Z is in a good mood to talk today and he has a whole lot to say on the matter.

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  1. am in that shoes at the moment and i am a supporter of the religious that does not support divorce but i really do not know the way forward as i have completely lost feeling and interest on my partner…

  2. I have heard both sides and let me say few words. I think most people live in a fancy world that marriage is like walking on a beach and whenever there is bumpy road we all wants to jump out off it .if that is your way of thinking ,am afraid to tell u ,u r not in love !. if u think u can only be with that person u thought u couldn’t live without till the time u jump out off love , i would highly recommend to reexamine Ur definition of ‘Love’ . If you are in a marriage or trying to tie the knot with someone along with this thought , U better stop and think for a second .Love is like a fire ,if u leave it ,it will die ,if u work on it ,it has the power of consuming greater portion of ur life . Don’t flatter yourselves by saying ‘i’m fall out of love..better to admit u rather killed it and there is no one responsible for it than You ! You might promise to love and cherish your partner until death apart u but the Vow doesn’t mean anything as any other love letter u read . and the other thing…….When we talk about religion is against divorce , we should know that the most high who set this rule is not naive who doesn’t know what u go through .he always knows what’s best for us .God loves Unity and there is always blessing in being United. if we ask guidance in what to do ,he’s there to show the way .My advice ; let’s not rush into worldly advice rather look up to God for wisdom .as it is easy and convenient to hear a friend who shows u the courtroom ,kneel down before God for some heavenly wisdom b/c he can see ur tomorrow .I ain’t denying the responsibilities of the couple too .Ofcource there are rough times in marriage. anyone ; roommate ,any siblings ,even a single person gets in a fight with his/her taught let alone a couple .Yet if you find yourself finding ‘divorce’ as one of a solution ,still you are in danger unless your partner cheated ,which in this case u have 100% right to walk away.But ,i know every time when we think about the ‘ what if my partner does this and this’ ,our first and only though that cross our mind is to pack our bags and go’…….that’s is !!! it’s like a rule !!! I know it’s hard , but how about MERCY instead !!!…..it’s difficult but possible with God’s grace…………….i know some of u will write a slap on my face letter but a cure is always bitter to take in !!!

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