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These days weddings aren’t just weddings anymore; there is a fashion side to weddings. It isn’t only the bride and groom that want to look good on their wedding day; from the bridesmaid to the wedding guests, everyone wants to look smashing.

Looking good for a wedding is no longer temporal; it’s a must and these tips below would help you be a classy wedding guest.

1. Avoid casual and sporty looks, and avoid wearing jeans too. Go for more formal wears and semi-formal wears like a jacket and chinos, a long sleeve shirt and tie, suit and tie, tuxedo etc.

2. Whatever of the above items you wear, always remember to go for slim fit; slim fit fits the best.

3. It’s always fashionable to use a pocket square, but remember that pocket squares are meant to complement your attire, not necessarily to match.

4. Avoid pointy shoes; brogues would also be a nice option, especially if there would be an after party.

5. Cufflinks would add that touch of class. Try to match your cufflinks with your other accessories like your wrist watch.

6. A wedding is a good excuse to wear your best watch. Always wear a good wrist watch to a wedding.

7.  A basic black tuxedo with matching bow tie is always a good option.

8. If it’s an outdoor wedding on a sunny day, you can decide to go tieless.

9. Always check the wedding invitation to know if the hosts specified the wedding colours and dress mode, and try to dress accordingly.

With these nine tips, you would be sure to look smashing as a wedding guest.

Be careful not to overdo it and take away the shine of the bride and groom. Lol



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