There are women and there are women. The truth is there is no perfect woman, the beauty of a relationship is finding perfection in that imperfection; the beauty is seeing those flaws as gold and working hard with your partner to improve every bit of your life.

But the truth be told, some type of women are home wreckers, some are not even ready for the tangles that come with relationship. Some are hazards, dating them is a big risk, some can take you to an early grave, some are just like a time bomb waiting to explode, but the sad part is some men don’t care and they get hurt in the end.

Except it’s just a fling thing or a┬árelationship that isn’t serious, dating some kinds of women would just be a disaster.

I bring you 7 types of women to avoid dating.


I don’t think there is no worse type of woman to date than a gold digger. A gold digger doesn’t care about you bro, it’s all about the money to her and once there is no more cash, it’s all over. She’s not a homemaker, maybe more of a home wrecker; she doesn’t care if your account is limited, all she needs is for her account to be unlimited. Forget beauty, there are more than a million reason to avoid a gold digger, she’s not interested in building a home with you, she’s selfish and only interested in herself.


By s*x freak, I don’t mean the lady that wants too much s*x from her man, no; I mean the lady that wants loads of s*x from different men. The s*x freak wouldn’t mind jumping from your pal to your brother, to your cousin, your neighbour and even the guy down the road. The s*x freak may like you a lot but wouldn’t mind being with others, that’s what I call a high-jump relationship; if you’re in this kind of relationship, your mind would never be at rest.


You want to know one thing about the complainer; she never gets tired of complaining. From the very little things to the greatest, she would complain about everything in detail. Complaining is a sign of dissatisfaction, and if a lady is never satisfied with you, what more can you do? A complainer can even chase you out of your own home with all her chattering. When she’s in the mood to prattle, it’s World War 2.


Not just men, some women are aggressive. Living with an aggressive woman can lead to anything, all she needs is just one moment of madness and you could be served dinner in the hospital. The same way I’m against an aggressive man is the same way I’m against an aggressive woman. Anyone with such behaviour should visit a psychologist and take anger management courses and not endanger someone’s life. Being aggressive doesn’t make you a bad person, no; but it just means you need a lot of work on so many things from your anger to your reaction. All over the net you would see so many cases of various things an aggressive woman have done to her man.


The ‘demander’ is different from the gold digger but… The demander might love you, she might be with you even when you don’t have but you’d even prefer if she just let you be. The demander never does anything for herself but expects load of things from you. She can’t fend for herself, she needs a man to do that, and when she has that kinda man, demand and supply starts, it’s all Economics. The difference between a demander and a gold digger is that the gold digger doesn’t have feelings for you but the demander has, she isn’t just there for the money, though the money has to be there.


Have you ever dated a woman who is the man? Literally she’s the boss in the relationship and always dictates to her man; it’s either her words or her words. So many ladies have this domineering spirit, and for a man who loves to be the man, being in this kind of relationship is like pouring fuel on a flame. The controller is really hard to date; she just loves it when her wish and her wish alone are done.


The competitor kinda lady is a case; she’s always in a competition with every other person. She competes with her neighbours, friends and everyone around her. The competitor kinda woman is the type that you would hardly keep satisfied, so just picture being with that kind of woman who wouldn’t be satisfied. The fact you satisfied her this week doesn’t mean you will the next week. The competitor wants to be in front at all times so she’s always on the lookout.

Like I said earlier on, there is no perfect woman, everyone have skeletons in their closet but some traits need working on before entering a relationship with someone cos it might just turn out to be a disaster date. However, I believe these traits can be bettered with hard work and determination, from the gold digger down to the competitor.



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