There’s a high unemployment rate out there in the real world. And that is because too many people are competing for very few spaces in different organisations around the world.

However, some people do not understand that sometimes you need to start small, and grow big. Everyone wants to land that dream job immediately and become the ‘next big thing’, but it doesn’t really work that way; there are too many people looking to get employed, so you can’t just folder your arms and wait for that call to come in.

As you wait, it makes sense to engage yourself in something that can improve your skill set, and put some money in your pockets. Here are a few jobs that can do that.



The world is becoming very much digitalized, that means that the need for people in the tech/computer space will only continue to increase.

Graphics design isn’t so simple to learn, but with some patience and the willingness to learn, you can get a grasp of it sooner.

The pay doesn’t come heavy, but small sums lumped together can go a mile.



If you can’t afford to buy a vehicle for yourself, you can apply for a loan at a bank or simply ask around for people who are looking to hire drivers for their own use.

The job isn’t your regular 9 to 5, but it can pay the bills and keep you going while you hope for the dream job.



Sound production is perhaps one of the easiest things you can learn. I have learned the art so I speak from an informed angle. The only way to stay relevant in the field is to update yourself and keep learning advanced levels of the skill.

Sound Producers and engineers are well sought after today because entertainment is a big deal in the world today.



Not everyone can write, but it can be learned. You can earn major bucks writing articles and posts for blogs and other organisations around the world. It is also different because you can do it from the comfort of your home. All you need is a computer or a mobile phone to do it. You can get learning by reading up posts and articles online in whatever field you want to major in.



If you can lay your hands on a laptop, you can become a DJ. All you need is a good knowledge of music and a DJ-ING software to begin. The craft is very lucrative too but you have to be willing to improve on yourself and create the right connects.



In developed parts of the world, teaching pays the bill fair enough. You just need to be trained for it, and you’re set. Teachers also get a lot of favours because of their role, and that’s another advantage to the job.


Don’t keep sitting and hoping things change. You can make things happen for yourself.