So I was talking to a friend earlier, and they told me a story that has inspired a lot of thoughts in me.

Apparently, a sister to this friend of mine has been in a relationship with some man for 5 years, and for 3 years, the man has been jobless. He cares for her, and supports her emotionally, but he does not give her anything financially. She pays the rent (they live together), she takes care of the other bills, and she even buys him clothing every month.

Now, my friend is worried because the said sister is getting quite old (she’s 34), and needs to get married, but the problem is she has refused to let this guy go, and move on to someone else. She has even tried to get her to meet other men, but her sister has remained adamant that she’ll be by her man until things change.

We’re talking about a 3-year jobless situation here. What is the guarantee that things will change soon? Has this guy even tried to get a job at all or has he been waiting for that big pay job? Is he taking advantage of his woman because he knows she’s in love with him? Too many questions begging for answers.

I shared this story with a colleague at work yesterday, and they thought it’s just love at work. According to them, when you love someone you support and stand by them no matter what – even when things seem to not look comfortable.

Do you share that belief? Do you buy my colleague’s belief that love has to suffer somehow for it to be certified ‘true’? Do you have to stick with a seemingly aimless relationship out of hope and belief? Is that a measure of love?

Personally, I think there’s only so much the human mind can take. Nothing wrong with showing some support if there is effort on the partner’s part, but in this case, I honestly think 3 years is a long time for one to not have a job at all.

Some of us just want the best jobs out there, forgetting that sometimes, you have to start little to become big. And it’s not even about the lady’s age for me, I just think the man has taken advantage of her because of love, and that’s why I think she has to quit for someone else.

There are so many ways to show and prove love, but suffering and being unrealistic aren’t one of them.