I had to check up the meaning of relationship in the dictionary and Webster gave me the definition that suits this context. It defined relationship as a romantic or sexual friendship between two people. That’s a solid definition and I place emphasis on two people, meaning there is no extra room for any other person, friends included.

Our friends are a big part of our lives and we sometimes let that friendship affect our relationship. Inasmuch as you hold your friends in high esteem, it doesn’t mean you should let them into your love affair else you might not like the outcome.

Your friends could spoil your relationship simply because you let them and I would share five things most people do that make their friends come in between them and their partner


When you tell your friends of just the bad things that go on in your relationship, you’ve created a room to dissolve your own relationship. By telling your friends every relationship crisis you’re facing, you are painting a bad picture about your relationship and your friends would get to see the ugly side without knowing the full picture; this would spoil their mind towards your relationship and they could just rub that feeling to you, and a partner you probably loved would be an eyesore in the twinkle of an eye.


Not every friend is a relationship expert even though most friends try to play the relationship guru; one should be careful about the kind of friends they take advice from because the advice of your friend can turn your relationship in turmoil. So many relationships have crashed because of the kind of advice they received from their friends. An advice could make or mar your relationship, so you ought to be careful who you take advice from.


You shouldn’t let a friend’s judgment about your relationship becloud how you really feel, what matters most is how you feel, and if you feel loved in your relationship that’s all that matters. Sometimes our friends don’t just like who we’re dating, but the truth be told, that’s your private life; remember the definition of relationship.


Your attitude is what would make your friends value or underrate your relationship. If you hold your man or your lady in high esteem even when you’re with your friends, they would follow suit but if you don’t treat that partner as your king or queen they would do so as well and this would definitely have a detrimental effect on your relationship. This point is vital as we sometimes let the image we portray of our relationship come back to haunt us.


You shouldn’t compare your relationship with that of your friends; this would never help your relationship in any way. Don’t compare your partner with your friend’s partner and don’t let your friends do same to you, this act could becloud your judgment and before you know it, your heart would be turned far away from your relationship. Comparisons kill relationships.


Friends are good but sometimes they can harm your relationship without knowing; these five tips listed are ways most people let their friends into their relationship and the relationship would suffer severely from it. If you have someone who really cares about you and you feel same way about that person, that’s all that matters; don’t let friends go beyond their limit; you and your partner are what matters to make your relationship work.