5 FOODS YOU SHOULD AVOID WHEN ON YOUR PERIOD… you would be surprised you have been causing yourself harm

When a woman starts experiencing her monthly flow, she goes through various cycles till she reaches menopause stage. The feelings that come with your monthly flow are sometimes unpredictable, sometimes you get excited for nothing and at other times you feel like you’re losing it.

Most ladies don’t know much about the dietary part when it comes to their period flow as much emphasis is placed on sanitary much more than dietary. If you notice, during your flow you tend to long for different kinds of food and you tend to have this urge to eat anyhow; it just might not be good for you.

I’ve put a list of foods that should be avoided when you are on your flow


Sugary foods like your cake, soft drinks and the lot should be avoided when you are on your flow; the crave for sugar comes a lot of times when you’re on but all you need do is to replace that sugar with fruits. If you give in to that sugar, you might worsen your menstrual cramp and this would give you a miserable feeling; it might also have a bad effect on your shape.


Alcohol isn’t a good companion when you’re on your flow, it can worsen your menstrual cramp and as well make you to have mood swing; this can lead to depression.


Coffee is another one that won’t help you when on your period and so should be avoided. Caffeine can also cause menstrual cramps to worsen and add to irregular flow. This would lead to mood swing and can make sleep far from rosy.


Your processed foods like chips are also an unhealthy choice; they come in handy but they have a bad effect. They contain large portions of sodium and this could lead to an irregular flow, making you uncomfortable in the process.


Lean meats and fish are a better choice when on your flow as fatty meats can worsen your cramp. Fatty meats contain a large portion of saturated fats; this can worsen your cramp and can cause inflammation as well.


You know you ought to take care of yourselves ladies; dietary observation is as well important as the sanitary. Don’t joke with the foods you eat when on your flow; eat healthy, stay healthy.



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  1. terrible,i m addicted to caffeine.how can i avoid it.

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