We recently did a work on 5 things that can make a woman tired of a man. Shawn described women as a patient kind; in the sense that they can endure all the heartaches of a relationship for a very long time till they then decide to call it quits.

Men always make the mistake of thinking that their ladies won’t leave them just because they take the entire ‘sh*ts’ men do for a very long time. Men get used to their ladies bearing all manner of atrocities they commit till it makes the man feel invincible.

But one truth is once a lady becomes tired, there is no going back; her mind becomes made up and she then gets tired of the relationship and an exit becomes the only option for her.

7 signs she’s tired of the relationship


At this point, she no longer cares about what you do anymore; her feelings become dead to your acts; nothing moves her. Winning her back at this stage is as hard as watching the minutes hand on a clock all day long. Men should never allow their ladies feel this way about them. However, some men still don’t know that at this stage they have lost her; they are so short-sighted.


This is even worse than the previous one; at this stage, she becomes irritated towards everything that you do. They feel better when they are alone than with you. They even feel a huge relief whenever you are out of sight. At this stage, they are just waiting for the perfect moment to leave that relationship; though in their minds, they have left already.


This is the product of sign number two. When you are irritated about someone, you easily get angry. At this stage, everything the man does will provoke her. Trust me when I say, you don’t want to know the insults that she’s pouring on you in her mind. Guys, don’t act surprised when your lady starts getting angry easily. That is an anger that’s been piling for a very long time and it just reached its climax, so she looks for every opportunity to vent the anger on you.


This is only normal when she’s tired of that relationship. She stops doing things she normally does or maybe she gradually reduces the things she does for you. That’s just a huge sign that she’s tired of the relationship; she doesn’t feel any vibe and doesn’t see the need to do stuffs for you anymore.


She no longer finds it easy telling you she loves you; well that’s because she doesn’t. She even feels guilt when she says she loves you, because deep down, she doesn’t. Even the few times she says it, it would be quite obvious that it isn’t genuine. But on a general note, when she’s tired of you, she doesn’t deem it fit to tell you that she loves you.


This is also another huge sign that it’s all over to her. She barely listens to you, she doesn’t flow in conversations anymore, her mind is like a wood, she’s there but she isn’t there. She feels emotionally distant from you at this point; your deeds and talks sound so distant to her. So many ladies can testify of having this feeling with a guy they no longer care about.


I guess this is the worst thing that can happen to any man in a relationship; when his lady doesn’t find him interesting anymore. It’s easier to get a lady than regaining your lady when she feels this way about you. She prefers being with other people than with you; she doesn’t have any affection anymore and it becomes obvious.

So now you know it; 7 signs that a woman is tired of a relationship. I only have one advice for the men out there; never let it reach this stage; especially when you have got a good woman. Always make that love last.




  1. THANK YOU !

    • Nailed it ! I feel the same way. Honestly I’ve broken up with him so many times and he still doesn’t get it. Everything if bothers me. All this is due to his jealousy and paranoia. Ughhhh

  2. uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! so so true !! It feels like you suffocating.

  3. This enlightened me lol

  4. Very true.. I’m going thru all this, and I just had a baby with thid guy ughh..

  5. Podoki Austin | June 25, 2015 at 10:43 pm | Reply

    What should a man do when it’s obvious his woman exhibits all of the seven signs you have talked about?

  6. It’s all true and I’m afraid that the worse will happen.

    • Plz am faced with this problem,the issue is that I can’t really tell what I did wrong,plz what is ur advice? When a man is in such ?

      • You probably might not have done anything wrong or you might have without knowing. It could be that she has some hidden resentments which could stem from a whole lot of factors. It could be the way you treat her, it could be that she doesn’t feel special and loved anymore and more importantly, it could be emotional abandonment. Many women complain of their emotional needs not being met or an emotional detachment from their men.
        The only way to win her back is by going back to the basics; you have lost a big part of her emotions, so you have to go back to the basics to win her over again. Treat her like you are trying to woo her for the first time, take her out on dates, communicate more with her, get her gifts even when there is nothing to celebrate, show her that she’s special — and you might just win her over again,except she’s moved on to someone else.

  7. Just going through the exact right now, tired of his cheating ways

  8. This is so me because am sick n tired so wat is going to be followed is to leave the relationship

  9. What u noted down is 100%true coz i speaking reached that moment and i did all what u noted

  10. It’s 100% true coz i speaking reached that moment and did all what u noted down

  11. Very true exactly what I expirenced from my ex

  12. Am on the second stage. Soon am gonna quit

  13. In the case I lost her and want her back after couple of months? Though she is already in another relationship? Is it possible? If so how?

  14. Please I need advice.. my girlf for 4years now and I just engaged her last year. Ever since she travelled and came back she don’t use to do what she does before. Thought she was not a calling,texting type earlier but now it’s worst. She can’t stay a whole day before without bothering me with flashing or managed to call but now she can stay a day with hearing my voice or even bother to. She doesn’t give me attention on social site we use to chat anymore one excise or the other. When I confronted her about the changes she laugh and said baby everything is okay just that am this or am that. Then I will grab but truly my mind isn’t at rest till now. I love her so much and she my life and happiness. Please what should I do?

    • Hello, it’s obvious her recent change in attitude is affecting how you feel, and it’s important you address it before going into marriage. It could be an honest mistake from her, but you have to make it clear to her that her recent change in attitude is affecting your relationship with her; you wouldn’t want to get into marriage with distrust and grudges so early on.
      Look for ways to effectively communicate with her and pass your message across.

  15. Yes, I’m so tired of my partner. The worst part is that I live with him. I’m sick and tired of his lies.

  16. BINGO! I feel so stupid for staying this long! I feel like being in jail!

  17. Wandega Joseph | April 22, 2017 at 1:16 pm | Reply

    My girlfriend left me and I realised later that she has been seeing other men behind me. did she endure those 7 signs?

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