A happy relationship is the goal of anyone who goes into dating. Nobody wants to be in a relationship full of disagreements and fights, and no one most certainly wants to have sleepless nights because they’re seeing somebody else. But the truth is no one can enjoy a happy relationship without working for it. There has to be effort in order to get what you want. The little ingredients required have to be there too in order for things to go the right direction.

Here are some things that can give you that happy relationship you desire.



Have you ever dated someone that almost makes you feel they’re doing you a favour by being with you? It’s totally an awful feeling. This feeling often comes from a partner failing to treat their lover like an equal in a relationship. They don’t treat them like they matter, and they care less how they feel about issues in that relationship. A relationship without appreciation cannot last because there’d be no happiness there. Appreciation is love. If you cannot appreciate that person you’re with, there’s no point.



People say “forgive and forget”, but I don’t wanna say that because we all know the forgetting part can be a tad impossible. But the truth is to have a happy relationship, you have to be ready to put your differences aside swiftly, and move on. People have issues, and sometimes wait for months or weeks to let it go. That only hurts the relationship more, and will most likely bring it to an end sooner than you know. Forgive doesn’t mean you’re a fool, it means you’re mature enough to know what’s right for the greater good.



So you have so much in your schedule, and you have deadlines to meet, but what about your love life? Do you think it can survive without input? Just like you have to feed to stay alive, your relationship needs to be fed too, and by ” feeding ” I mean, spend quality time with your partner. This allows for proper understanding between the two of you. And I’ll say this, a relationship with understanding and love can never die.



Talking gives you an avenue to lift burdens off your chest. It allows you vent when you have to, and helps for proper communication. When you’re unhappy over something, instead of keeping it bottled up, why not share it with your lover? It’s probably going to be difficult if you have busy schedules, but it’s important, so perhaps a timetable to work with might help.