The common belief amongst most men today is that true love doesn’t exist, and that no woman is willing to date a man without money and a reliable stream of income. This statement may have an iota of truth to it, but to make a case for the woman, there may be genuine reasons dating a poor man isn’t the best option. Let’s take a quick look at some of these reasons.



Financial security means being able to look at your bank account, and smile because you are covered. It means knowing that you can do whatever you want with money, and pay your own bills comfortably. Broke and poor men do not have that. They struggle to do everything — eat, live, pay bills and get by. No woman wants to get involved with someone like that, and the reason is because sometimes, these men bring you a burden. If they’re not asking you to borrow them money, they want financial assistance. That is the reason a lot of women run from broke men. And to be honest, why should a woman settle for a broke man when she probably has tons of rich men asking to date her?



Like they say, “No finance, no romance”. Without money, it’s almost impossible to have a happy and fun relationship. How do you go on vacations? How do you buy the presents and gifts? Who pays for dates when you go out? A broke man certainly can’t afford to do these things, hence most women run away from them.



Dating a broke guy is like a routine chore – it can be boring to the point of choking you to death. It’s the same thing every day. You can tell what he’s up to because he doesn’t have the resources to do otherwise.

At first, she could try to get along with it in the name of love, but after a while, it becomes unbearable. Being broke limits a guy’s performance in a relationship. Even when he has all the creative ideas to spice up the relationship, there isn’t much he can do because his bank account is nothing to write home about.


While most women refuse to be with a broke guy, it still should be said that a guy with a vision and who works hard may not end up being broke forever.