There are a lot of people who somehow still believe that even after marriage, they belong to themselves, and are allowed to live a certain way. People like that have prompted this post.

Marriage is an agreement to not just be together, but to share everything, including…



Growing up, I knew a couple that lived in the same house, but had separate rooms. They fought a lot, and never looked like they were married with children. This is the kind of belief some people have about marriage, even today!

Marriage isn’t for those who aren’t ready to sacrifice, you have to be willing to put certain beliefs and ideas aside if you truly want to be married, and stay in it. You can’t be married, and live apart, it’s wrong on so many levels. You’re supposed to cater to the kids together, so how does that work with you living apart? Some couples believe in staying in separate rooms, have you any idea how that can hurt your love life? There is so much that couples share at bedtime; you’ll miss those sleeping in separate rooms.



The moment you say, “I do”, your life stops being your own, and belongs to you and your partner. It’s a reality a lot of people are yet to accept, and that’s why couples keep secrets. As a married person, your partner is your other half, you share your fears, insecurities, dreams, goals etc with them.



They say two heads are better than one. There isn’t any way you or your partner can know everything; you’ll know some, they’ll know some. Sharing makes it possible for you to improve yourselves. You’re supposed to make each other better. Also sharing your opinions, ideas and thoughts make for better understanding between you and your partner. You’re not in competition, you’re one.



Marriage means your body isn’t yours alone anymore; it automatically belongs to you and your spouse. It’s awful to deny your partner sex for any reason, unless you’re sick or passing through menstruation as a woman. You can’t ‘punish’ your partner by depriving them sex, you may end up leaving your marriage in ruins.



Time is the currency of love. To make your marriage stronger and romantic, create time for your spouse regardless of your busy schedules. Don’t just get busy with your job, business, or career without having adequate time for your spouse. Share time together to play, talk, relax, pray, plan and go on vacation. Quality time together will help your bonding ,friendship and intimacy in marriage.


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