man dressing up in bed

The desire among young people to practice safe s*x is waning as time goes on.

A study released by S*x Information and Education Council of Canada found that nearly 50% of s*xually active college students aren’t using condoms. It isn’t only in Canada, many young people around the world don’t see the need to practice safe s*x.

To many, s*x is better enjoyed without the use of condoms, so they practice unsafe s*x without minding the risk.

These reasons would show you that unsafe s*x isn’t worth the risk at all.

1. STDs

Having unsafe s*x, puts you at the risk of contracting STDs without even knowing it. Many STDs show little or no symptoms when you are first infected, so you could have an STD without knowing.

2. STIs

Some STIs aren’t even curable, and unprotected s*x puts you at the risk of those STIs. Genital warts and genital herpes can be gotten through unprotected s*x, and even though they respond to treatment, they are hard to control, especially if you have a weak immune system. Genital herpes are even linked with an increased risk of HIV transmission, especially with the presence of ulcer.


Minus HIV, the virus Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B can be passed s*xually and Hepatitis can cause liver damage.


You can’t also rule out the risk of unwanted pregnancies. Many young people have unsafe s*x even when they know that unwanted pregnancy can occur. The withdrawal method isn’t a reliable method and shouldn’t be relied upon. Experts say that with typical use, withdrawal methods stand at 70% success, meaning there is a 30% risk of failure which could lead to an unwanted pregnancy.


Practice safe s*x today.