There is nothing like being with that special someone for years. While it’s lovely to still be together after all these years, you will also agree with me that you now do things you couldn’t find yourself doing when you started dating your partner.

If you claim not to be guilty of any if these, it’s either you haven’t been with your partner for a longtime or you are probably lying.

Below are 17 weird things couples in long-term relationships do

1. Couples in long-term relationships usually find themselves finishing each other’s sentences.

2. You shower together without having sex.

3. You no longer hide your fart or apologise when you fart. Farts become amusing.

4. You give each other embarrassing pet names.

5. You text each other from the other room because you’re too lazy to get up.

6. You wear each other’s clothes.

7. Using the toilet while leaving the door open becomes perfectly normal.

8. You have a secret language no one except your partner understands. You use your eyes to communicate with your partner in your public and your partner understands you perfectly.

9. You kiss your partner with your morning breath as it no longer bothers you. This was something you couldn’t do when you started dating your partner.

10. You still have the same old arguments.

11. You basically groom each other. You find yourself shaving him or applying sunscreen on her back.

12. You become comfortable moving around the house in your underwear.

13. You tickle torture each other.

14. You become comfortable sniffing your partner’s underwear to check if it’s clean. This used to be gross in the beginning.

15. You inspect each other’s face as you work on the pimples or overgrown beard hairs on your partner’s face.

16. You and your partner aren’t no longer embarrassed to relive childhood.

17. You and your partner have this crazy way of dancing when alone together.