open relationship

Hello peeps, and welcome to this Sunday’s edition of the Elcrema Sunday Love Special.

An open relationship is a modern type of relationship or marriage; it’s one in which both partners agree that any of them can have sexual relations with other people.

Do you think that open relationships are healthy?

Drama and Shawn would share their opinions.


Harmless and easy as they may appear, open relationships tend to be very tough for at least, one of both parties to handle. In the beginning, it may be easy and things may appear smooth, but as time passes, one person is certain to gradually catch (develop) feelings for the other, and when that happens, jealousy and unhappiness also start to creep in, and of course, you and I know that those things are not exactly healthy for any sort of relationship to thrive. I mean, we’re talking about human beings who have emotions — no matter how much you try to mask it, it’ll surely show.

This topic brings to mind what happened between pop star, Robin Thicke and his Ex- wife, Paula Patton. They had an open marriage, and were only able to handle it until a point. How did they get separated? Paula caught him with some other women. Lol. How ironical, right? So, for me, it is never a great idea to have an open relationship. Relationships are way too complicated for one to allow something like that. If you’re going to get in it, do it fully, otherwise, do not.

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