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A lot of women go to weddings concerned with how they look; it isn’t because they don’t look good enough, but wedding venues these days are more about who’s classy and who isn’t — so who can blame the concerned females?

While I encourage every woman to look her best for a wedding, I don’t encourage the indirect fashion competition that has almost eclipsed weddings of these days.

These tips below would help you look classy for a wedding:

1. I’m sure you must have heard this a million times — never wear white to a wedding. It’s her day and not yours; so it’s good etiquette to avoid white.

2. Avoid very tight and skimpy dresses.

3. Don’t dress as you would when going for a party or a club.

4. Accessorise your dress. Beaded jewelleries, clutch, good shoes and a quality wrist watch would add that bit of class.

5. Always consider the weather and time of the wedding. For hot periods, knee-length dresses and light dresses would be a good fit.

6. Avoid sparkly and loud printed dresses.

7. Wear a light makeup.

8. Dresses that reveal your belly button, a camel toe and flashes of your bra should be avoided.

9. Maxi dresses with strappy back and maxi dresses with lace back are always a classy option.

10. Fit and flare dress, as well as sleeveless drape MIDI dress would give you that simple but classy look, if well accessorised.

11. Never forget to go with your flats if you are going to dance.

With these tips, you would be sure to have your classy look on at a wedding.



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