Regret isn’t something that’s uncommon in relationships; when a relationship is over, the best thing to do isn’t to complain and regret about the just ended relationship, the best thing is to move on, but it doesn’t just end at moving on.

People move from one relationship to another relationship but it still feels like there is no difference or there is probably no one out there for you; this is the major reason why people say “all men/women are the same” and “I don’t think there is anyone out there that can understand me”.

Back to the topic “would you have done things differently?” I would relate it to two relationship scenarios ‘moving on from a previous failed relationship’ and a frequent saying people make “I don’t think anyone can understand me”.

First, by moving on from a past relationship, it doesn’t just end at trying to forget all the hurts and dramas that followed the relationship, but you would gain a lot by analysing that relationship without a biased mind and then pointing out all your flaws. The best question to ask yourself after a failed relationship is “would you have done things differently?” If you feel there are things you should have done differently, do not let it weigh you down, improve on your flaws, and try as much as possible to really do the right things in the next relationship, and if it fails, you keep improving yourself with the next relationship. We all can learn to improve ourselves in our relationship with each passing day; no one is perfect but you can be right for someone.

Secondly, the feeling that no one out there can understand you is quite unrealistic. Everyone can be understood, but one huge problem is that people tend to look for someone that would understand them forgetting that they ought to look for someone that they can understand as well; surely, in understanding your partner, you would also be understood. I really doubt the fact that people feel they can’t have a relationship where understanding would be high. Relationship is never a ‘me’ affair.

Men and women have lost good partners because they failed to understand some vital things they should have done when the relationship was on; so when you leave a failed relationship, never look back in regret, but look back at the things you should have done differently and work towards doing them if you enter another relationship.