There is this feeling that it’s quite okay for a man to cheat but never okay for a woman. This sentiment seems like one that’s unconsciously harboured by a lot of people, men and women inclusive.

I was drawn to a comment in an article where a lady asked if it was okay for a man to cheat and that once again reminded me of that silent feeling that it is okay for men to cheat and suicidal for women.

In all honesty, cheating is cheating and whether it’s the man or woman, it’s never right. Every partner deserves to be in a loving relationship where trust would be built, and cheating can’t go alongside trust.

Men find it quite an unforgivable act when their lady cheats and even if that man is a cheating partner, he would still place all the blame on that lady. This tricky idea of ‘it’s okay for a man to cheat’ has gone on to make some women actually believe that their man can probably cheat on them while they remain faithful and committed to the relationship.

Cheating would bring hurt to the relationship and it’s not okay for a partner to feel that hurt that comes with cheating while another goes on a sexual rampage. Minus the hurt and heart break that comes with cheating, a faithful female partner is even prone to contacting an STD she never knew of; this has happened countless number of times and it is not uncommon in marriages.

This is purely an advice to every lady that has been stung with that second class mentality that it is okay for her man to cheat, and to the male partner that flexes unfaithfulness as a birth right, it’s never okay as well.

The seeds that come with cheating never leave good fruits.