Communication is a very vital part of life. For any thing that involves two or more persons, proper and effective communication must be involved for it to be a success.

In terms of relationships and marriages, when there are communication gaps, the relationship tends to suffer and experience breakdown. One key factor in every successful relationship and marriage is effective communication; every successful relationship is born out of the fact that the parties involved know how to communicate with each other.

So it’s not just love but knowing how to communicate is what will create a breeding ground for the love to grow.

Interestingly, as important as communication is, it doesn’t really cost a thing. It’s not just about talking for a long time on the phone, it’s not about texting and keeping in touch, it’s not just about asking each other how your day went. Communication needs to go deeper than this for it to be successful.

Communication is learnt and there’s no standard basis for communication because it differs from person to person. Knowing how to communicate with your partner is what makes communication effective and when communication is effective, almost every thing in that relationship will fall into place.

Communication is understanding your partner’s body language, knowing the right things to say and when to say it. Communication is knowing how to listen, when to talk, when to laugh, when to joke, when to be serious. It needs certain traits like patience, tolerance and understanding for it to be achieved.

The fact John and his wife communicates this way doesn’t necessarily mean you should communicate the same way. Communication is unique and could differ from couple to couple.

It’s important to understand your partner’s communication language and communicate thus, because if you can achieve this, then those quarrels, arguments, misunderstanding and too many frictions will be solved.

Remember: Love might be the foundation of your relationship, but it’s communication that will keep it going. Lose communication and love will just be a mere four letter word.