lefties tennis player

Studies suggest that the percentage of right-handed people in the world is between 70-90%, while lefties make the remaining 10%.

A 2014 study conducted by Harvard University economists has bad findings for the lefties. The study found that lefties earn a considerable lesser amount of money than their right-handed peers.

After examining data from U.S. and the U.K., Harvard professor Joshua Goodman found that lefties earn between 10% and 12% less every year than righties do. The study found that left-handed women earn $3,400 less than the right-handed women, while left-handed men earn $2,500 less than male righties.

The study also found that left-handed people do more manual labour, while right-handed people tend to be knowledge workers. This goes against previous studies which found lefties “to be more likely among very high scorers on the SAT, and more likely to have an IQ above 131”.

However, Professor Goodman’s findings reveal that the pay gap between lefties and right-handed people can be linked to “observed differences in cognitive skills and emotional behavioural problems.”

While previous studies about lefties tend to be true, Professor Goodman’s findings seem to suggest that those special talents only pertain to a small portion of left-handers.

Interestingly, Professor Goodman’s findings suggest that lefties with leftie mums are on par with righties, while lefties with righties mums are at the disadvantage.

More interestingly is the fact that four of the last seven U.S. presidents were lefties; maybe they also came from left-handed mothers.