Here’s Some Smart Packing Tips for Moving to Your Next Home

Moving homes is one of the most stressful events in our life. However, now you have to face the most exhausting part of moving: the packing. This is why we have gathered some smart packing tips that won’t break the bank or back. Take a look and see how much easier your moving and packing process could be.

Get Rid of The Useless Clutter

One of the best ways you can ease your packing is to have less to pack in the first place. That being said, a few weeks before your moving date, take the time to sort through all your belongings. Be extremely selective and only choose the things that you absolutely need in your new house.

If you haven’t used something recently or even forgot that you purchased it, throw it out, sell it or donate it. Consider holding a garage sale. It’s a great way to get rid of stuff and make extra cash that can be put towards the move.

Having a massive purge of unnecessary clutter will help make your entire move far more efficient. It will also make hiring professional movers less expensive. Moreover, it will make more room in your new house for things you want to buy.

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Sort & Label by Category

When we pack, it almost seems natural to go room by room. However, a much easier approach is to go by category. Instead of cleaning out each room, start by cleaning out each closet. Sort through the clothes, decide what you are keeping and then pack it away.

Do the same with cabinets, drawers, bookshelves, etc. This will actually make the unpacking process so much easier because you can deal with specific objects at one time rather than have a room full of boxes and not knowing where to start.

To also speed this along, be smart about how you label your boxes. Again, in addition to labeling the box according to what room it belongs to, list out what is in each box. This ensures that you are not running around searching for your box of most used items.

Some other unique ways to label your boxes for efficiency is to use colored tape. You can even create a number system to label your boxes. This will help you identify where specific objects are faster, but it will also help ensure every box makes it to the new house.

Use Recycled Boxes as Your Moving Boxes

Boxes are an integral part of packing and moving but buying them from the store can be hard on your wallet. As such, visit your local liquor store and see if they keep any of their liquor boxes to recycle.

If so, ask to take some of them and use them for your move. These boxes are not particularly big, but they are great for packing up anything lightweight, like linen and towel.

Similarly, also scour your home for any boxes that might be from your electronics. What better way to pack and move your electronics than in the boxes they came in, right? If you happen to find the boxes, but not the electronics they belong to, consider keeping them to pack smaller items and trinkets.

You can even use laundry baskets and suitcases as make-shift moving containers. Its a great way to leave boxes for more important items and make use of items that would take up a lot of space anyways.

Stock Up on Extra Moving and Packing Supplies

Despite our greatest efforts, there are a great number of things that can go unexpectedly wrong. As such, you want to make sure you grab extra supplied at the hardware store for those “just in case” moments.

Light bulbs, extension cords and power strips are definite necessities. Moreover, always invest in more than one safety box cutter. It will allow the entire unpacking process to go much faster if everyone is not fighting over the same box cutter.

Be Strategic About Packing Up Your Moving Truck

Once you get everything in boxes, it seems the worst is over. Not quite. Packing up the moving truck presents a battle all in itself. You see, properly packing your stuff into the moving truck could mean the difference between stuff breaking and stuff making it safely to the new house.

First things first, try to pack your boxes into your moving truck according to the rooms indicated on the box. This way when you unpack the moving truck it is easier to sort the boxes.

Then, make sure you pack the heaviest items first, like furniture. To save space, try packing your sofas or sectionals vertically. It is best to place it in the front corner of the truck, so it has enough support and does not throw off the truck’s weight distribution.

After the furniture, work with your heaviest boxes first before stacking the lighter boxes on top. This will reduce the chances for your belongings to get damaged and prevents the moving truck from tipping with an uneven weight distribution.

Pack A First Night Bag

Chances are you will not have any energy to unpack all your boxes after the first day of moving in. As such, prepare an overnight bag of essentials to help you get settled on the first night in your house, from toiletries and clothes to your personal electronics.

You might also want to include some ready-made meals, unless you plan to do take-out. This will prevent you from having to dig through your boxes to find everything you need.


No matter what, moving homes is bound to stress you out in some way. However, our tips should take some of the weight off of packing and let you pay more attention to make your new home comfortable and inviting.

There are more ways you can be smart about moving so do some research. We hope this article was helpful to you. Let us know if you have any smart tips to making packing and moving easy!