A Rundown of Affordable Landscaping Ideas in 2022

Despite popular belief, landscaping does not have to break the bank. If you have a bit of imagination and a willingness to get your hands dirty, you can easily create a beautiful yard at a perfectly reasonable price. As such, we have put together this list of some landscaping ideas that are affordable, easy, and positively gorgeous.

Low-Maintenance Ground Cover

Having a lush, green lawn free of weeds is the hallmark of any beautiful landscaping job. However, it is one of the hardest and most expensive things to maintain. Grass itself just requires a lot of watering, maintenance and treatments that add up over time. While sodding lawns can easily deal with weeds and patchiness, it can also ring up a hefty bill.

As such, save money by choosing an alternative ground cover that is easy to maintain and easy on your wallet. Alternative ground covers like thyme and bishop’s weed spread quickly and easily.

Not to mention they can withstand intense temperature and drought changes. Simply planting these ground creeping plants around your yard can cover up unattractive or hard to maintain areas with beautiful flowers and leaves.

Alternative ground cover is also a great way to break up your yard and give it more character.

Bathtub Planter

An integral part of any well-manicured lawn are flowers and stylish planters. Whether its flower boxes or stylish pots, planters are a great accessory to any lawn or garden. However, continuously buying planters can be a lot.

As such, this is an opportunity to repurpose an old bathtub into a planter. Not only are bathtubs a great way to keep your plants protected from nosy pests like rabbits, but they are also a great way to make a bold statement piece out of your plant collection.

Simply fill the tub with the plants of your choice and place the bathtub planter in the center of your garden as a stunning centerpiece. A vintage, claw-foot tub is preferred as it gives a vintage, chic feel to any garden or landscape.

Borders and Fences

Another simple and easy way to groom your lawn and make it look more put-together is to make use of borders for your flower beds. There is a variety of materials you can use. Some of the cheaper options include using plastic barriers or planting rocks, peat or wood shavings around the rim of your plant beds.

Creating those borders gives off the impression that there is something systematic about your lawn. The prominent lines of the borders provide neatness and creates interesting shapes in your lawn.

Another easy way to make your lawn look more well-thought out and polished is to incorporate modern fencing around your lawn. Fencing is a functional part of landscaping that can add style and finesse.

Good fencing can give you more privacy and more character to your lawn. If you do not want to go as far as getting a completely new fencing set, just try adding a new splash of paint to your fence. This could easily create a more modern and inviting space.

DIY Foot Paths

It is one thing to have a yard that looks beautiful, but it is another thing to have a yard that people can walk around in and enjoy. As such, foot paths are important for connecting the different areas of your lawn. This way people can walk around without disturbing the plant life in any way. There is a variety of ways you can DIY footpaths.

Stepping stones are the first go-to option for many people. Not only do they look attractive and natural, stepping stones are easy to find. They run quite cheap at the hardware store or if you do so dig around your own lawn, you might find some stones you can repurpose into a pathway.

You can also try creating a pathway out of reclaimed wood. You can find this wood from an old wood pallet and just cut the pieces to size. This is perfect if you want something a little more rugged looking to break up your lawn.

Similarly, wood rounds can be an even more unique and interesting upgrade from your standard stepping stones. Wood rounds resemble a cut out from the trunk of tree and they definitely set up a more natural tone for your yard.

Any of these options can be stylized and customized into any shape and design. You don’t even have to use them as a footpath, but as a focal point of design in your yard.

DIY Potting Soil

When you incorporate plants and planters into you landscaping plans, that probably means you will be using a lot of potting soil. Potting soil from the hardware store can be quite pricey. As such, try to cut your soil costs in half by making your own compost mix out of your family’s leftover organic scraps.

All you have to do is mix your potting soil with some homemade backyard compost materials. The result is a nutrient-dense soil mixture that will treat your plants and your wallet well.

Granted, creating a compost pile can also get time-consuming. One alternative is to use mulch around your plants. It’s cheap and extremely nutritious for your plants. A great and even cheaper alternative is to mix used coffee grounds with clay or mud like dirt in your backyard. Any of these methods will ensure your plants get the best nutrition and spares you the weight of expensive potting soil.


As you can see, landscaping does not have to be job just for the professionals nor does it have to break the bank. It can easily be a cheap and fun project to take on with your family so long as your creativity and imagination are willing and able.

The ideas we shared are just the beginning. There are so many other ways you can groom your landscape for an affordable price. We hope our ideas helped you find a place to start. If you have any thoughts, please share them with us.