Welcome to another edition of the Elcrema Sunday Love Special.

Today’s topic focuses on cheating exes and second chances. There are many occasions where people have ditched their partners’ for cheating. What happens when that partner comes back begging for a second chance? Should that cheating partner be given a second chance, and what should be the yardstick for giving that partner a second chance?

Drama and Shawn will share their opinions.


Well, it depends on what you mean by ‘cheating Ex’. There are 2 types of cheaters; the one who do it by chance or mistake, and not because they really want to, and the ones who do it because they derive fun and joy off it.

If someone I deeply care about cheats on me once, and shows honest remorse, and vows not to do it again, of course, I’ll accept their apology and take them back because I care, and I know they’re likely to never do it again.

However, you can’t keep cheating and keep apologizing, and expect me to continue to play the fool. We all have a breaking point, and I certainly do have mine. It’s not kindness or love to keep allowing yourself be played, it’s foolishness, and the more you do it, the more you feed their ego, while you destroy yours. I cannot, will not, and will never give a serial cheat the opportunity to get better at the game, but of course, there’s no harm in forgiving if it’s just once.

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