Being sedentary is never good for one’s health, but sometimes spending long hours in the office can make people have little physical activity for a very long time, and this comes with a lot of negative effects which could include obesity and poor blood flow.

Evenings might be the best time to shake off the bad effects of the static day. Scientists say that those who exercise after work are likely to attain a higher level of fitness than those who exercise first thing in the morning. In other words, a walk in the evening would actually keep you fit because the body’s metabolism seems to adapt better to a keep-fit routine in the evening or night-time.

In general, walking can help improve your mood, as well as lower your blood pressure and cholesterol level.

A 2009 study by the University of Alberta found that people who are more alert in the evenings tend to grow stronger throughout the day, peaking in the late evening. Your exercise can be more efficient in the evening because the body have had all day to warm up. However, if you plan to power walk in the evening after dinner, you should give your body about two hours to digest the food.

In a study at the Clinical Research Centre of the University of Chicago, 40 healthy men aged between 20 and 30 were divided into five groups.

Four teams exercised vigorously for an hour on a step machine in the morning, afternoon, evening or night, while the fifth did not exercise at all.

Blood samples taken from all the volunteers showed that levels of two endocrine hormones – cortisol and thyrotropin – increased far more in those who exercised either in the evening or late at night. Scientists also found that glucose levels decreased far more in people who exercised in the evenings and nights. This goes to show that evenings are more suitable to exercise, including taking a walk.

Also, another important reason why evening walks are favourable is because the weather is usually better off in the evening. The harsh effect of the sun wouldn’t be felt in the evening, making your walk less tiring.