kim kardashian

We all have always thought real men love curves but it seems this isn’t true as an international team of scientist have found that men don’t prefer curves as other studies have claimed according to an article published on website,

Previous studies have proved that men prefer curvier women for perceived greater fertility and ability to survive famine so this new study tends to disagree with previous studies.

According to the study, after 1,327 men and women were recruited from 10 countries: Austria, Lithuania, the UK, China, Iran, Mauritius, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria and Senegal, an international team of scientists found that both men and women consistently rate women with lower body fat and BMI as more attractive.

So the big question I really want to ask is that is this really true? Do we go with this study? Do men really don’t prefer curves.

I sincerely think I might have issues with this study because I sincerely do believe that men love curves and might actually prefer curves. The likes of Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian are loved by men all over the world because of their curves.

I am a real man and I love curves, lol. What do you guys think about this study?