On Average, How Much Do HR Managers Make?

Larger businesses and companies often have the need to hire a human resource manager. There is just no way around it. The HR manager plans and coordinates functions for the entire organization. They are especially useful for interviewing potential new employees and handling the disciplining of current employees. They are the link between the company’s employees and the management. But could your business make do without an HR manager?

How to Become an HR Manager

If you would like to become an HR manager at some point, you are looking at needing to get at least a bachelor’s degree. This will get your foot in the door. While if you want to be an HR manager for a larger company, there is a very good chance that they will require a master’s degree. The degrees are usually in the field of human resource management or perhaps business administration. And of course, the more experience you get in the field, the more valued you will be by your employer and other companies. 

The Cost of an HR Manager

Most of the time, business decisions come down simply to money. The salary of an HR manager can range anywhere from $60,000 to $160,000. On average, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, they earn about $110,000. When you add in the cost of providing insurance, retirement, and benefits, it is easy to see that perhaps your business cannot afford an HR manager. It is not that you’re being cheap or don’t value the position, it is just too expensive for smaller to mid-size companies.

What Are the Alternatives?

The good news is that you do have options instead of hiring an HR manager. There are ways that you can get around having one while saving some serious money, but you still have a link to your employees. For instance, you can solve your problems with an HR management software that will take care of many of the duties that an HR manager would have done. Technology is a great thing!

Another alternative would be to handle most of the duties yourself. When you are in charge, many times you are a one-man band. You take care of things on your own. Assuming the role of HR manager would just be another hat to wear for the owner of the company.