Why Adult Music Lessons Is a Great Date Idea?

Whether it is an awkward blind first date or a date with your spouse that you have been married to for the last 20 years, it is difficult to come up with something original. The normal dinner and a movie is always the go-to, but if you take the initiative and think outside the box, you can come up with something much better. Especially if it is a first date! There is nothing worse than sitting next to basically a stranger for two hours and watching a movie in silence. This is why you should consider making adult music lessons a permanent date idea to include in with the rest in your little black book.

Why Music Lessons for a Date?

Dating is all about stepping outside the norm and putting yourself out there. It is sort of like a job interview in a way, but one that could end with you getting a kiss and even becoming married down the road. If you have been dating this person for just a little while, it is still in the awkward stage, so trying to learn an instrument will bring a sense of fun to the whole thing. Plus, the two of you may just surprise each other and make sweet music together.

Signing Up For Music Lessons

Once in a while, depending on how busy the instructor is, you may have to sign up for more than one lesson at a time. If you aren’t sure you want to continue dating the person, this could kind of cramp your style. Do you really want to get tied down to taking lessons with a date that you are not particularly fond of? However, you could use this as an advantage instead. Sign up for a group of lessons and take a new date along with you to each of them! At the very least, you will learn how to play an instrument well in no time.

This May Just Make You a Musician

Taking lessons could inspire you to become a musician. It might have started off as a date idea, but you could actually make a go at this if you wanted. In fact, after a bit of learning, you could even go to a music school in Montreal and broaden your musical horizon. Being able to sit down and freestyle on the piano will get you more dates down the road anyway.


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