Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of the El Crema Sunday Love Special.

It’s actually the first Sunday Love Special of the New Year, 2016.

Today’s topic is an issue that’s faced regularly in relationships and marriages. People go on to marry someone even though they had so many disagreements while dating. Would you marry a partner even though you always have frequent fights and quarrels with them?

Drama and Shawn would share their opinions on this subject.


It’s easy to quickly say ‘no’ to this question, but then if you give it some more thought, you’ll see the need to have someone who is a little more stubborn than you are as a spouse. I don’t think I’d like to marry a woman who agrees to everything I say without putting up a fight every now and then, because that would mean marrying a robotic / passive person. I want my wife to be confident and not be afraid to assert her own ideas and opinions on me — she’s human too.

We may disagree and fight on some of the opinions we vent, but then it’s very normal for that to happen because we are two different people coming from different backgrounds. There are no real relationships and marriages without these fights, they’re bound to happen, unless you’re not being truthful to yourselves. You’ll fight and disagree, but when you realize that the other person may be right after all, you’ll come to your senses, and make up with them. Disagreeing with your potential spouse on occasions doesn’t mean that you cannot marry them because you’re not compatible. Most couples aren’t compatible from the onset, they just work it out and adapt to the other person’s lifestyle. So, I definitely can marry a woman with whom I fight often because I think she’s the ideal woman; she’s strong, she’s confident, and she’s not afraid to speak her mind. You will even learn from such a person because they’ll bring up new ideas and opinions often. Any person who agrees to your every opinion is just pretending and not being true to themselves. I cannot deal with a passive partner.

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