Social media has brought a new flair to our lives; it’s seen as many as a necessary evil, as it’s both a blessing and a curse.

There’s no doubt that social media has come to stay, and one thing social media has affected both negatively and positively is relationship. You cannot deny the huge impact social media has had on relationships.

People have been looking for an avenue to showcase their love and beautiful relationship with their ‘special someone’, and social media has provided that platform. As good a platform social media has provided, it has as well taken the attention that it was rightly created for.

It’s not a bad thing to show your friends and family how much your partner mean to you and how much you are enjoying your relationship with each other, but it will become a problem when you are more interested in the flair of showing the world your beautiful relationship than the reality of creating a beautiful relationship. Unfortunately, many people have misplaced their priorities and have settled for the former and not the latter.

You are who you are when no one is watching and your relationship is what it is when you and your partner are alone. You can share a thousand things on social media and act like the perfect couple when in public, and make everyone drool in awe of your ‘beautiful relationship’; but if that relationship isn’t beautiful then you are only deceiving yourself.

I’ve come to understand that people are more interested in creating a good impression about their relationship than the actual reality of creating that beautiful relationship.

Forget about the need to impress and care less about the attention you will get from sharing that beautiful photo of your relationship on social media. Focus more on making your relationship beautiful as you really want it to be.