Knotting a tie is usually the hardest and yet easiest thing men are faced with. For the suit kind of man, knotting a tie is as easy as A, B, C; however, the man that isn’t all into wearing suits would find this difficult especially if he’s just about entering a career where suits are needed.

Not everyone had the opportunity to learn how to knot a tie at younger age, most men faced that daunting task when they were already men, and it isn’t that easy at that stage.

Fortunately, I learnt how to knot a tie in my younger days in school since it was compulsory as tie was an important part of our dressing. If not for that experience, I also would have been terrible with. There are two stylish styles for knotting tie and they are classy as well – the Four-in-hand knot style and the Windsor style.

The Four-in-hand knot style

four in hand


This style is also known as simple knot due to its simplicity. The result from this style of knotting is usually narrow and slightly asymmetric.

It is done in four simple steps.

– Place the broad end of your tie about ten inches below the slimmer end.

4 in hand step 1

– Place the broad end of the tie across the end and continue underneath.

4 in hand step 2

– Place the broad end across the narrow end once again.

4 in hand step 3

– Step 3 would create an opening in the centre; slip the broad end into that knot and tighten and you would have your Four-in-hand knot style.

4 in hand step 4


Windsor knot



This knot is thought to be named after the Duke of Windsor. Compared to the Four-in-hand knot, the Windsor knot produces a wide symmetrical triangular shape. The Windsor is mostly suited to a wide collar shirt that can properly contain a larger knot.

How to knot the Windsor

– Cross the broad end across the thin end, then slip the wide end between the tie and the collar once and drop it back down.

windsor 1

– Wrap the broad end at the back of the thinner end

windsor 2

– Bring the wide end back to the front and just over the loop

windsor 3

– Wrap the broad end around the narrow end one more time and place through the loop

windsor 4

– Slip the wide end through the centre and tighten.

windsor 5

Your Windsor style is done with just 5 simple steps. Knotting a tie couldn’t be this easier.