Sometimes all what you want to know about a lady is written on her face; all you have to do is look and understand.

A woman’s facial expression means much more than you can imagine; almost everything she does, her face reveals it even without her knowing.

Have you been confused about your lady and her emotions? Well, today is your lucky day; I have the meaning for almost every expression.


– When she stares into your eyes

Not all ladies are bold enough to stare into a man’s eyes; so if she stares into your eyes, it has to mean something. Most times, a lady stares into a man’s eyes when she finds him different and can’t probably tell what it is about him that she finds different; when she finds him interesting, when she finds him weird and when there is something about him that she can’t really point out then she would stare uncontrollably into his eyes. By this she’s trying to get some meaning.

– Also, if she looks down and moves her eyes in a sweeping motion across the floor then it means she’s attracted to someone. However, if she stares over a man’s head or give a sharp instant stare into a man’s eyes then she isn’t attracted to him.

The following facial expressions reveal whether she likes a man or not.

she's not interested

she’s not interested

not interested

not interested

She likes you

She likes you

She likes you

She likes you


– When she wants a kiss



When a lady is attracted to a man and wants a kiss from him her pupils would dilate; this means she’s stimulated by you. A woman’s body is naturally programmed this way; whenever she’s attracted to someone, her brain tells the iris to let more light in.

However when her facial expression is dry and her eyes are flat or when there is a fold or wrinkled line on her forehead then she’s probably not attracted to you.

When she’s shy and is flattered by your presence, she tends to lend a blush and toy with so many objects like her hair and any other thing her hand comes across and she would also find it difficult staring into your eyes and wouldn’t want to catch your gaze.


Though when she’s angry, she would stare straight into your eyes with her gaze so focused on you and there could probably be strained lines across her forehead.

Know your lady, study her expressions and make the most of it; a lady’s expression mostly has a meaning.