depressed man

Before I proceed, let me make it clear that this isn’t an attempt to slight the female gender, I am a man, but I have women in my life that I care about; I would never disrespect or disregard them in any way, this post only seeks to get answers to why women do what they do sometimes.

As you already know, I am a man, and I have been privileged to know quite a handful of women in my lifetime, but in all my years around them, I still can’t exactly say that I have a complete clue as to how their behavioural pattern truly is. Just when you think they have developed a particular pattern, they do something that’ll throw you off-balance and take you to the start.

A woman would have you thinking one thing when she actually means something else, like when she gets very close and friendly with you, and you think you have gotten yourself a girlfriend, but then, the minute you pull a boyfriend move, she bursts your bubble.

I have been in a similar situation myself, and I can confidently tell you that with women, everything is not as it seems.

Once, I had a girl who I was so close with, I started to get all excited, thinking I’d found myself a hot girl. We did everything together, and everyone around saw us as an item, but then, when I tried to tell her sweet things, she blew me off. So one day, I told her I wasn’t going to continue our close friendship unless I knew what was really going on between us. The moment I told her that, she flipped, and started acting all sad around me. So it occurred to me what she really wanted. She wasn’t ready for a relationship, and wasn’t ready to lose me at the same time…talk about confusing! Like, why would you lead someone on at all, if you’re not ready for what might follow?

If you’re not ready to date a guy, don’t get too close to him, and cause him to get too attached, cos it hurts to have to be in that position as a man. Stop leading us on, ladies, stop confusing us. And I know that I’m not alone in this thought. I’m sure there are dozens of men out there who can relate to this post. Fellas, I’d like to get your thoughts on this, and ladies, it would not be a bad thing for you to tell us why you do what you do, so maybe we can understand more.