There’s everything positive about a smile; when a woman smiles, it means she’s happy with the relationship, she’s happy with you and she’s satisfied. And you ought to admit that every man should make his woman smile.

Making a woman smile isn’t really rocket science like most men claim; this is just how you do it.

1. Appreciate her: Every woman wants to feel appreciated; appreciate her for being there for you and appreciate the things she does for you.

2. Tell her she’s beautiful: Even if she sees herself as beautiful, she’d want to hear it from you. Telling her that she’s beautiful and knowing that you see her as beautiful would really make her smile.

3. Compliment her: Compliment her looks, compliment her cooking, compliment her dressing; this would melt her heart.

4. Treat her like a lady should be treated: She wants you to be romantic towards her, she wants you to treat her with respect and she wants you to always care about her.

5. Tell her how special she is: Tell her how much you value her and how special she is, she would definitely smile when you do this.

6. Show her you love her: Sometimes it isn’t enough to tell her, she wants to be shown too; that’s what would make her sure. You wouldn’t only make her smile when you do this, you would also make her fall in love with you the more.

7. Go out of your way for her: Sometimes she wants you to take that extra step, that extra mile and do what many others won’t do for her.

8. Let her know you value her: Every woman wants to be valued and adored by her man; this would make her feel special.

9. Treat her like you love and value her in front of your friends and family. By this she would know that she means a lot to you.

10. Give her gifts, and it shouldn’t just be on her birthdays.

11. Be spontaneous. Do things that she wouldn’t expect; surprise her.


If you want to make your lady smile, this is just how to do it.