Are women really more attracted to military heroes? A new study claims women are more attracted to men who display heroic traits such as war heroes, successful sportsmen and firemen. So guys, if you are single and just can’t get yourself a girlfriend, maybe you should consider changing a profession.

So do men find heroism in women attractive? The study claims while women find heroism attractive, men did not find heroism to be a sexually attractive trait in women. Maybe men are just scared women that are heroes might just be too dominant.

92 women studying in the UK were used in the research and they were presented with hypothetical profiles of the opposite sex, representing varying levels of heroism in different contexts such as warfare, sport and business. They were then asked a series of questions designed to determine how attracted they were to the different profiles

According to the study, being in the military doesn’t just make the men attractive but being a successful soldier that have been awarded  a medal for bravery in combat would make the men attractive to the women.

“This provides evidence for the hypothesis that gender differences in intergroup conflict can have an evolutionary origin, as only males seem to benefit from displaying heroism,” said Dr Joost Leunissen, a psychologist at the University of Southampton.

The study team was made up of researchers from the University of Southampton, UK; University of Giessen, Germany; Technical University of Munich, Germany; and VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands and was published in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour.

So ladies, are you really attracted to men who are military heroes or is this one of those studies we shouldn’t take seriously?