couple arguing


Arguments are a natural part of every relationship and are also healthy for the growth of that relationship. Arguments entail both partners airing their views and saying exactly how they feel about certain issues.

There is no perfect relationship, and any relationship without arguments is a relationship that has hidden chaos that would make either or both couples unhappy. When partners argue, it means they see two different sides to an issue, and it means they both have the right to say what they want. I’ve seen a few relationships where the man is the boss and the lady is like a secretary; the man gives orders and the woman takes it. That’s not what a relationship stands for; there is no unity in that kind of relationship. A partner should not to subjected to silence and bondage in a relationship; so if you argue, it means you have a relationship where you and your partner see each other as equals.

Also, arguments are the perfect litmus test for a relationship. It can be used to test the love and compatibility in a relationship. If couples argue and still reach a compromise then that’s a relationship with maturity. However, when couples argue about everything for no reason and allow it lead to quarrels and malice then there is a huge problem.

The basis for arguing should be reaching a middle ground on a matter. Two heads are definitely better than one.

Arguments are healthy and natural, but it shouldn’t escalate beyond that point.


Do you argue with your partner? How do you handle it?