couple arguing

Hello everyone, welcome to another beautiful Sunday, and as you know this is a Sunday for our biweekly Elcrema Sunday Love Special; a segment dedicated to debates on relationships and matters of the heart.

Today, we would discuss arguments in relationships. Do you think it’s healthy for every relationship? Do you think it’s normal for it to exist in a relationship?

Drama and Shawn would share their opinions on the subject.


Well, I wouldn’t say it’s all ‘natural’, really. In as much as we are humans and we are all different in our opinions and approach to life generally, I agree that there’s bound to be disagreements and friction in between people — even couples in relationships, but I also know that these things can be managed. If one or both persons in a relationship are willing to show maturity, and put in some genuine efforts towards making sure they do not argue they can achieve their aim. It’s just a matter of being willing to ignore errors on the part of your partner, even when it isn’t convenient for you. It’s about learning to imbibe forgiveness, no matter how grave the sin. It’s about understanding that a relationship or marriage isn’t about winning but about co-existing and learning to tolerate, so you do not have everything go your way all the time.

The sad truth is that a lot of couples are not willing to make these necessary sacrifices required to keep a relationship going smoothly, so they just blame it on nature, and say it is ‘the way it’s meant to be’. Like I mentioned earlier, I agree that nature may be partly responsible because of our humanity and imperfections, but as adults, I also want to believe that we should know what is right and what might be detrimental to the success of our relationships. That is the purpose of the mind we’ve been given — to be able to make judgements for ourselves. So, I do not completely agree that arguing is a natural part of our relationships; I think we are more to blame.

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