It’s the qualities you have as a woman that determines your worth. It’s not your beauty or attraction that makes you; it’s what you have on the inside — your qualities, your traits and your personality.

Having these wonderful qualities doesn’t really mean you are perfect, but it just makes you a better person.

These are some of those qualities every woman should strive to have:

1. Every woman should strive to have that loving nature deep within her that will make her a wonderful partner, sister, wife, mother and a role model to the younger generation.

2. Every woman should try to be honest. Honesty is a virtue that’s missing these days, but it’s still one very important quality a woman should possess.

3. Every woman should be independent to a certain extent. Don’t just sit around and wait for a man to make you; have your goals and dreams and when a wonderful man comes along, it makes it even better.

4. Every woman should be interested in developing and building herself. Self-development is highly important and should never stop at any point, not even when you are married.

5. Every woman ought to be confident in her skin and shouldn’t let other people bring her down with their words.

6. Every woman should have kindness in her spirit; it adds a certain charm to her life.

7. Every woman should have focus. You should have goals, dreams, ambitions and remain focused. But this should never come at the expense of your family.

8. Understanding, patience, commitment and the willingness to do the right thing would also make you a better woman.

9. Control. Every woman should also have self-control. Without control, you would become misguided and will make too many mistakes. Have control over your temper, emotions, the way you talk and react.


These nine qualities might not make you perfect, but they will make you better.